Can I pause the data on my dashboard so it won’t update daily?

Warchest users can pause, or freeze, their entire campaign with the freeze tool found on the campaigns page.

Freezing a campaign will stop the Dashboard from updating daily. Additionally, once a campaign is frozen, the data throughout the entire campaign will also be paused and only reflect your most recent edits. A campaign cannot be updated while it is frozen. You can unfreeze a campaign at any point to resume budgeting. When you unfreeze a campaign, the campaign’s data will update to reflect the current day.


To freeze your campaign, go to the campaigns page and click the More Options Button (symbolized by “...”) on the campaign you wish to freeze.

Once you click the “...” you will see the option to freeze your campaign.

You will then be prompted to decide if you prefer to freeze your campaign with today’s projections or to freeze your campaign with today’s actuals. For more information on these options, please see our article on Today's Data.



A time stamp will appear above the campaign once it is frozen.


To unfreeze your campaign, simply navigate back to the “...” on the frozen campaign and select “Unfreeze campaign.”


If you are missing the ability to freeze your campaigns, you may not be an account owner. Please contact the account signer or for more information.