Cashflow Page

Learn about the Warchest Cashflow page

The Cashflow page contains all of your campaign’s fundraising information. If you have the Finance Plan turned off, this is where you will add all projected and actual contributions. If you have the Finance Plan turned on, your projected and actual contributions can be added in the Finance Plan page.

The page is broken down into several sections, which vary based on whether or not you have the Finance Plan turned on or not:

Cashflow Analysis Table:

The Cashflow Analysis Table shows your Projected Raise, Actual Contributions, and Difference for each Month. You can switch over to a Quarterly view in the top right, and may click “View Weeks” and “View Days” for extra granularity.

Slide 3

With the Finance Plan off, you may edit this table to add new Projections. With the Finance Plan on, data will flow to this table from the Finance Plan (either immediately, or after being Promoted). 

Raise to Date Calculator:

The Raise to Date Calculator shows your Expected Raise (your actual contributions for the past and your projected contributions for the future) for a specific time period. By default it shows your entire cycle, but can be narrowed by clicking “Narrow Date Range.”

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Tag Analysis:

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The Tag Analysis table lists each of your tags and what the sum of contributions in that tag are.


Source Analysis*:

The Source Analysis table displays Total Projected, Actual, Difference, and Goal for each Source in your Finance Plan. You can choose which source to analyze by clicking on the drop-down in the top left of the table.

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To the right, you will see a chart showing you data for the selected Source. You can analyze Goal, Projections, and Actuals on this chart.


Source Breakdown*:

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The Source Breakdown displays a doughnut chart with the sources defined in your Finance Plan. You may choose to display Projections or Actuals in the top-right of the table. You can hover over the chart to see the sum in each category.


Percentage Breakdown*:

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Total Contributions: Total raised by source up to and including yesterday.

% of Total Contributions: Total raised by source as of yesterday divided by total raised overall.

Total Projected: A source's total raised as of yesterday plus a source's total projected from today forward.

% of Total Projected: A source's total projected number, divided by the total projected overall.

Difference: The amount projected minus amount raised.


* indicates that this table is only available when the Finance Plan is turned on and promotion is turned off.