How do I use the Warchest Audit Log?

The Warchest Audit Log provides a cohesive location for all recent changes made in your budget

All Warchest Admin users have access to the Audit Log. If you are having trouble accessing the audit log, please contact us at 


Each budget within your Warchest has an audit log, which lists recent actions made in your Warchest. You may access the audit log on the dashboard or by clicking the gear icon in the top-right.


The audit log displays 5 columns for each action:

  • User - the Warchest user who took the action
  • Page - Where in your budget the action took place
  • Old Value - What value existed where the action took place
  • New Value - What value exists now where the action took place
  • Time - When exactly the action took place

You may see "No rows found" within the audit log if you have not recently edited your budget.


When an action is taken in Warchest, the audit log will reflect that action. Each entry on the audit log will show the user taking the action, the page in Warchest the action occurred (plus additional information under that page), an old value (or N/A), new value, and the date the action occurred.