Why isn’t the data I put in the Finance Plan being reflected on my dashboard/cashflow tab?

The Finance Plan is a separate entity from the cashflow and dashboard pages.

The separation between the finance plan and the cashflow page was intentional as it provides a safe space for finance directors to experiment and adjust their fundraising projections as they see fit, without having a direct, immediate impact on the dashboard. In order for updates in the Finance Plan to be reflected in the cashflow tab, finance plan data must be promoted by your Warchest account owner, which is typically the campaign manager.

The promotional buffer is key because the finance director and campaign manager should agree on changes to the finance plan before impacting and updating the cashflow tab, and thus, the dashboard. 


How to promote data from the finance plan to the cashflow tab:

Account owners have three options when promoting data from the finance plan to the cashflow tab:

  1. Promote goals: Promoting goals will transfer all goal data you have assigned to your sources in your finance plan to the projections section of the cashflow page.
  2. Promote projections: Promoting projections will transfer all projection data assigned to subcategories in your finance plan to the projections of the cashflow page. 
  3. Promote Actuals: Promoting actuals will transfer any uploaded actual contributions from your finance plan into the actuals section in the cashflow page.


⚠️ Each time you promote data from the finance plan to the cashflow page you are overwriting and replacing any previous data in the cashflow tab with your most recent finance plan promotion. You will not be able to undo this promoted data.

Once data is promoted to the cashflow page, you will see your contributions and left to raise numbers on the Budget Analysis Table update.


If you are missing the ability to promote data, you may not be an account Admin. Please contact the account signer or support@mywarchest.com for more information.